Alina Buryachenko

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Alina Buryahenko is a famous topless model from “Funny show”. A Ukrainian (Caroline Wozniacki) comedy girl that always looses her wardrobe in the funny show. She is popular for her killer bikini body which drives men insane all over the internet. Alina is slender and crowned by those round wonderful boobs. She also has a beautiful face that will kill for the excitement. Let’s not forget that dose silver dollar nipples.

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Unfortunately her tiny butt will kill the vibe. She is terribly flat that no man would like to play with such tiny butts. Seeing all these men bumbling around looking dumb folded at the sight of her topless appearance. With those tits out not even Isabel Hodgins could flash her tits in public to get as much attention.

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A gorgeous Bikini body should definitely go with a well-rounded ass and boobs such as hers, a wet pussy and a magnificent side boob. All in all, Alina Buryahenko is still the best busty petite chick I have ever seen. live girls sponsored