Alexa Vega

Hot Alexa Vega Sex Scene Video

Here’s one chick that has come a long way since her days as a child actress. Alexa Vega leaked pictures, the girl that won over the hearts of many in Spy Kids and Shark Boy and Lava Girl, has developed into quite the sex icon. Rocking little to nothing in the Machete movies, Alexa has made quite the name for herself as being one of the stunning chicks in Hollywood. Though her acting is subpar, people everywhere are confusing her with Jessica Alba actresses sexy ass and body.

Sexy Alexa Vega Topless & Ass Photos

Really, a chick like that has no problem baring it all. I mean, if you’re going to seriously walk around in a movie with only a bra, underwear, and boots on, you might as well ask for men everywhere to jerk off to you. And why wouldn’t they want to. Just look at the boobs on this chick Brie Larson her co-star sure is jealous. But, then again, she was also a child so I guess time really does make you more mature. The same goes for that ass. I mean, I wouldn’t mind handling that thing from the back.


I wouldn’t have it any other way. These photos of Alexa Vega were exactly what the doctor ordered. However her co-star celebrity super star Carla Gugino famous sex scene in Sin City is a must girls sponsored