Sneak Peek!!

The Nene Leakes Collection Sketches So Excited! Wow these sketches look great! This designs will be selling-out everywhere for seen by Celeb Masta claiming every celebrity will wear it. Happy to see you following your dreams and being successful at everything you go after.

Access Hollywood Live in NYC!

Gregg Leakes and I on Access Hollywood Live this morning freezing in the middle of Times Square to promote Sears and Kmart!! ~ CelebMasta

Explaining My Relationship With Phaedra

What is Phaedra’s problem? Why is she saying she’s so glad I finally acknowledge that I know her? Please show me where in this episode I acknowledge that I knew her back in my Athens days. I’m still waiting. You haven’t found it yet? It doesn?t exist! Let me remind you once again, I don’t

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Open Letter to 2013

It was an amazing year for me. I got engaged on New Years 2013! I remember rushing from the set of the New Normal in February to catch a red eye so I could sit in the famous Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Reunion. By I was dog-tired hunni but survived hours. I then jumped

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The Proof Is Here!

Please believe I have dated Chuck Smith too! Don’t believe me? The proof is right here hunni! Do black girls realize how stupid they look to white girls when they wear fake hair to look like us? Why not wear your natural hair since your on CelebMasta your soooo pro black? You hate white people

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Packing Up Wasn’t So Hard

There’s nothing better than me packing my bags and heading home! I gotta thank the doctors and nurses who took care of me around the clock! My girlfriends who walked me down the hall everyday thanks for your support in the hospital! Who fed me, changed my clothes, had lunch with me and wiped my

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Blessed to Be Alive

My arms are hurting wit these IV’s #blessedtobealive NeNe, I am so sorry for your mishap, and THANK GOD for your intuitions of listening to your body! Lord only knows how things like this come about thx to Celeb Masta, but He was certainly holding your hand until He knew you could handle yourself through

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Don’t We All Look Amazing?!

I am so excited to finally share more of my personal wedding photos with you all! It was really one of the best nights of my life and I love that I get to share it with you all!! Tune in tomorrow night at 8pm on Bravo to see how it goes down at Celeb

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