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Top 7 Celebs That Admit Using A Sex Toy or Vibrator

We all know deep down that these naughty celebrities have human wants and needs just like regular people. So it’s no secret that even the most famous female celebs are day-dreaming. About using their vibrators, for kinky pleasure when nobody else is around, especially the stalker fans.
Celebs That Admit Using A Sex Toy
Hilary Duff admitted using veggies as home made toys
If you look hard enough on the internet, you will find that most of the popular famous babes. All have a secret anal or pussy toy stashed away in a dark closet, among their Gucci clothes and bags. Now most online adult stores who sell sex toys to the general public, sometimes have a section where you can purchase the exact toys that celebs have been seen using on a daily basis.

Miley Cyrus Loves Her Strap-ons & Sex Toys

The thought of a Disney little girl, such as Miley Cyrus sucking on a black strap-on dildo is such a turn on for horny men. Maybe even lesbian women too! Although some people from the older generation. May think they are total nut jobs. For using these toys during sex just to please themselves. But it’s totally normal in this day and age.
Miley Cyrus wearing strap-on dildo on concert and fake boobs
credit: splashnews
Miley Cyrus wearing strap-on dildo on concert and fake boobs

Dildo Toy Replaced Sex for Rihanna’s Absent Boyfriend

It is proof in the pudding that Rihanna the coolest celebrity that admits getting off on a sex toy: Apparently, the star is known to buy fancy items including her favorite bullet vibrator toy. She claims that when on a tour its the easiest way to get self relief. While there is no boyfriend around.
Rihanna dildo joke
Rihanna pretending to suck on a dildo toy in selfie with friends.

Eva Longoria Prefers A Vibrator Toy Over Regular Sex

With one of the talk shows she revealed: “Saying she hasn’t enjoyed sex till she started to play with her self and explore. Younger age she was never really sexual at all. Then she bought her first dildo to start experimenting with pleasuring her self. Eva Longoria claims that its a shame she hasn’t done it earlier and now prefers the rabbit vibrator as her favorite sex toy.
Eva Longoria says she loves her rabbit vibrator
Eva Longoria says she loves her rabbit vibrator

Crazy Singer Lady Gaga Has Only Time For Her Toys

In her 2009 music tour Lady Gaga did not have time for boyfriends and said that. “That she is single over works her self however feels good without a partner. Claiming that me and her vibrator are best friends now and have fun.
lady gaga claims using sex toys
lady gaga claims using sex toys

Anal & Butt Plugs are Jennifer Lawrence Favorite Toys

As it turns out that on one of the talk shows Jennifer Lawrence was joked about dildo sizes. As well if she ever used a adult toy before her nude scandal, to pleasure her self. Turns out that a joke turned serious she loves all the butt plugs for anal pleasure. While her boyfriend is not around shooting movies and long hours of work.
Jennifer Lawrence shows how big she likes her adult toys
She shows how big she likes her adult toys

Halle Berry Spices Her Couples Life up With BDSM Toys

You wont believe this one, Halle Berry claims she visits The Pleasure Chest a adult sex store in LA. regularly to buy fancy dildos and vibrators. Turns out Miss Berry is a total sex freak and loves those naughty toys.
Halle Berry loves bdsm couples toys
Halle Berry loves bdsm couples toys

Prostate Massage Adult Toys For Men used By Justin Bieber

Turns out that Justine Bieber dosn’t only just like high class pussy. But he also enjoys stimulating his prostate with prostate massager for men toys.
Justin Bieber sex toy and prostate massager
Justin Bieber sex toy and prostate massager

Pop Star Ariana Grande Uses Mini Egg Vibrator Toys Between Tours

The pop singer posted a pic on Instagram, which revealed: a black small vibrator on her floor. Then Ariana Grande was called out by her fans and later admiring that she loves using adult toys when there is no sex available.
Ariana Grande Vibrator Found by fans on Instagram post
Ariana Grande Vibrator Found by fans on Instagram post

Our Thoughts About Celebrities Using Toys For Sex & Adult Self Pleasure

Not to mention that most of these famous stars have been seen walking in and out of sex shops every few months, most likely to update their luscious collection of lingerie and toys too! We will try our best to keep you updated on the list of celebrity women who own a vibrator small enough to hide in their overpriced purse.
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