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Sometimes there are childhood stars that grow up to be real fucking lustful. And then those childhood favorites start acting in sitcoms again and you watch it, not for the show, but for those lustful chicks named Ratajkowski you remember so fondly. Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie Taner on Full and Fuller House, is exactly like that. From child to super curvy, busty adult sex tape actress, Stephanie Tanner is all of a sudden every guy’s dirty, lustful fantasy.

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With huge tits in your face perfect for motor boating, Jodie Sweetin has the perfect body. Her boobs, mixed with her curvy, tight ass, looks like a playground i’d love to climb all over. I mean, seriously, she’s always played this kind of ditzy, but seriously lovable character in Full House, but has now progressed into this sexually aware, luscious adult on Fuller House, who is sort of afraid of commitment but down to fuck. Yes, please, sign us up! Sounds like a dream we would love to take part in!


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