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India Love Westbrooks is an American singer, television personality, model and social media influence personnel. She is additionally of a mixed ethnic background of African American, Spanish, Creole, and Indian origin. This social media slut is best known from the reality series, “The Westbrooks”.

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So many words can be used to describe India. She is beautiful, luscious, edible and a beauty goddess. Just like any influencer online, she has pierced her nipples to attract more attention.

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This luscious babe has a lustful bikini body with round protruding boobs. That she flaunts from time to time to any little boy. This is especially true whenever she goes to the beach.

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At 23 and rich, All India is thinking about right now is being out there. And looking luscious for the world. She enjoys taking selfies and would share almost anything including those luscious pussy and butt for the gram.

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India Love Westbrooks is a typical rich kid. With so much money to spend on tattoos and piercings. I wonder where her next piercing would be; I bet it would be in her mouth so that she is able to give the best blowjob. Wouldn't you want to just bend this girl right over seeing about five dozens of pussy pics before hand?
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