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Aya Wolf is a Latina actress (lustful Salma Hayek) best known for her work in MIA. The lustful Brunette has only one credit. But you can be sure she makes it count given the circumstance of this movie. In this short film, she plays a lovely lady in a luscious BDSM relationship. So we get a chance to get a myriad of mesmerizing scenes of her nipples, firm tits & pussy.

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Throughout the ten minutes movie, we are treated to Aya’s full frontal nothing left for imagination. In one of the scenes, she is on the dog leash while the guy is making her suck his dick. Then he fucks her from behind against the glass with her round tits filling the glass. Thanks to her beautiful boobies, she has a luscious pair of perky nipples.

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From another scene, she gives us a steamy masturbation as she is seen touching her pussy over denim shorts and watches herself in the mirror. Again the pervert is smashing her wet pussy and pressing hard against her side boobs. As she walks we get a great look of her bikini body and her luscious booty.

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Aya Wolfe is luscious as fuck and I can guarantee she is selling herself short. She can definitely get a role in any movie out here. I mean if luscious Dakota Johnson can act out Fifty Shades of Grey then Aya Wolf would be the real deal. We really think she done a great job at acting this BDSM movie. And real as it gets with real sex in it.

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