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Angie Varona became an icon for 12 and 16 year old’s around the world for the wrong reasons. Her racy and private pussy and tits pictures were hacked and circulated around the web. She was literally raped by the web like most celebrity who where part of the fappening incident. But hey she is not the only Miami girl like Alessandra Ambrosio who have their fat Latina ass put on display.

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While the experience took a huge toll on her, some psycho prevented men thought it was all cure watching a 14 year old boobs or nipples sticking out of her sweat shirt. Some old fat fags even admitted they wanted to smash her regardless of her age. The way she is proceeding she will catch up to super luscious Kaley Cuoco Hollywood status and lustful body.

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While we agree that the pictures were indeed explicit and that yeah she has a luscious bikini body for a 14 year old but hey, she was just a kid. This experience traumatized her badly.

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However while we sympathize with her and strongly condemn those perverts. Who even dared to think about a 14 year old’s pussy. We still strongly condemn girls of such age from sharing such pictures over the internet.

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We really hope Angie Verona recovers from this experience and grows to overcome the toxicity around her.
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